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Birgit S.

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Birgit has taught BDSM workshops all over Germany as well as at WALP/WildSide Amsterdam, SMOdissey San José, Wicked Women Seattle, Manchester´s first International Women´s S/M conference during Europride and in Vienna.

Birgit cannot imagine a life withour S/M. She recalls a slightly inadequate reaction to the saints´martyrdom and still draws on the rituals of her catholic childhood. Today her credo is "Better scenes for everybody!"

She cultivates a full-blown negotiation fetish and is convinced that communication before, during and after scenes is the truly interesting aspect of S/M. Besides she is a mean sadist and a fastidious Madame, Mother Superiour of teacher.

In 1997 she was invited to the founding event of SchMacht!, the German network for woman-to-woman S/M and has been an active member ever since.

In 1998, she started to organize play parties, in 1999 the annual Women´s S/M conference in Berlin.
Birgit´s workshop topics range from "Knowledge is power", an intensive introduction to BDSM tailored to the needs of the respective group, "Scenes for more than two", "How fo find your perfect play partner" to "Plight - Punishment - Pleasure", in which she explains the physiological, psychological and cultural aspects of pain or "Body & Mind", a yoga and tantra-based workshop on finding your source of power, shifting energy and building trust.

Her Workshops:

The High Art of Negotiation

What is the difference between a pre-negotiated S/M scenario and an unexpected coincidential play? The latter may feel exciting, but the first scenario is most likely hotter, ultimately. In this workshop we will learn what negotiation means and how it contributes to a more satisfying outcome for all involved parties.
A play based on unspoken expectations, unknown physical and mental conditions, unheard of moral standards and unbelievable motivations might, but does not have to work. Let´s spare ourselves disturbed relations and let´s ask ourselves: "What do I need? What turns you on? How can we draw the ultimate best out of this? When do I feel safe? Who´s responsible for what? How do I create trust? Where do we want to go together? Let´s learn to ask the right questions, notice body language, close in on limits and increase the safety factor as much as possible even with little playing experience.
Curiosity is explicitly welcome!.

Sensation Play

Playing with sense and sensibility
This workshop offers insight into the erotic play with sensations - a.k.a "sensation play".
Sensitivity is the capacity to register changes. Sensation play covers activities which refer to the senses: see, hear, taste, smell, feel - the combination of some of these senses or the deprivation, respecitvely. Whether your hands are the toy of your choice, an ice cube makes you shiver or a walk along the pain threshold is intended: to know, for instance, how the various types of nerve endings in our skin function, can lift our experiences to an exciting high.
The endless, possible variations of stimulation from simple "pervertables" to a fully equipped toy trunk will be our topic as well as the integration of sensation play into different types of set-ups.
This workshop is especially suitable for open-minded non S/M people keen on experimenting as well as those relatively new to S/M. If you feel like trying out and practicing, this might be the workshop for you!