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Janet Hardy (aka Catherine A. Liszt and Lady Green) is the president of Greenery Press, Inc., ( www.greenerypress.com ) publisher of more than three dozen books about alternative sexualities. She is is a writer, perv, pain slut and educator who has been fantasizing about S/M since she was too little to wrap her hand around a whip handle. Her first book, "The Sexually Dominant Woman: A Workbook for Nervous Beginners," has introduced tens of thousands of couples to the delights of loving female domination. She also wrote "The Compleat Spanker" and compiled and edited "KinkyCrafts: 101 Do-It-Yourself S/M Toys." With Dossie Easton, she co-authored "When Someone You Love Is Kinky", "The Ethical Slut," "The New Bottoming Book" and "The New Topping Book." With Dr. Charles Moser, she co-authored "Sex Disasters... And How To Survive Them." A bi poly switch, she has spoken and demo'd at dozens of workshops and conferences nationwide.

More Information about Janet: www.greenerypress.com

Her Workshops:

Ethical Sluthood

So you want to have lots of sex, love, and friendship with lots of wonderful people: who wouldn't? But even the most joyous slut may experience insecurity, loneliness, guilt, and, of course, jealousy. Participants will discuss and complete exercises to explore lifestyles that go beyond the traditional monogamous model. Can you maintain supportive relationships in a world where the only sexual boundaries are the ones you set yourself? How do you feel secure when your partner has a date? What is jealousy, and can it be overcome? Come listen, talk, and learn about how to build the lifestyle you want.

Pain Processing

Are you safewording too soon -- and regretting it later? Do you hunger to experience that scary territory that lies just beyond your limits? Janet will discuss and demonstrate techniques for entering the ecstatic dimension of pain play. Whether you're a fledgling bottom trying to understand the appeal of pain, an experienced masochist trying to get more, or a sadist who wants to take your partners further, this is a don't-miss class for you.

Tantrisches BDSM

Ever had a scene that lifts you out of mundane reality, setting you free to fly into the realms of bliss? Radical Ecstasy, Janet?s new book with Dossie Easton, an exploration of such scenes and how they occur, will be published this fall. In this innovative workshop, you'll learn about and explore techniques drawn from yoga, tantra, kink, guided meditation and more, that raise energy to help achieve transcendent states during BDSM. Whether you're a hard-core skeptic or a dedicated spiritual journeyer, this program will give you new tools for building connection, bliss and heat in your BDSM practice.

Fantasy Role Play

Many of us have erotic fantasies that excite and arouse us, but when it comes time to try to bring them into reality, our shyness or self-consciousness gets in our way. Janet believes that all "roles" are real - that we can all be sultans or bikers or schoolgirls or ponies, just as we can be bankers or gardeners, if we feel safe enough and turned-on enough. Come learn how to negotiate roles and activities, silence your inner critic, and have hot, sexy, roleplaying fun. Janet will pick a couple of participants to enact fantasies with in order to show how fun, safe and easy it can be.