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Kathrin Passig

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Kathrin Passig, 32, studied German and English Literature. A freelance author for Kowalski, titanic, tip and taz, she is is involved in several web projects about BDSM and works as media logistic, web designer and translator in Berlin. She is also chairwoman of BDSM- Beriln e.V., Germany's largest BDSM association and author of "Die Wahl der Qual". She feels much more embarassed about her musical taste than her sexual preferences and - as her next project- wishes to publish the coming out hand book "Dylan - fan - so what??"

Her Workshops:

Breath control

While deep and regular breathing has a tranquilizing effect (and for ex. should be used to fight panic attacks), light and fast breathing is stimulating or even agitating.
Restricted breathing leads to a rise in the carbon dioxide level of the blood, to an increase of the adrenaline level, and to hypoxia (lack of oxygen) in the lungs. All these factors contribute to create euphoria and sexual arousal. It is one of the most dangerous sado-masochistic techniques and requires a lot of attention and knowledge. A lecture about medical, legal and practical aspects.

The History of S/M

S/M has not just existed since the Eighties as the German magazine "Der Spiegel" recently suggested. The oldest Middle European texts that describe sadomasochistic practices in our contemporary understanding date from the 15th century. This lecture describes what has happened since those times and also explores the unusual and often absurd scientific theories regarding sadomasochism which have emerged over the centuries.