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Born in Detroit, Michigan, I have lived in Europe for over 30 years. I am a wife and the mother of two adult children and I live in Zurich, Switzerland. After earning a Masters in Energetic Medicine from Dr. Robert Jaffe’s School of Energy Mastery in Sedona, Arizona, I continued to study the healing work of Barbara Anne Brennan, Caroline Myss, Chris Griscom and Elisabeth Kübler-Ross. Blending the healing modalities of these powerful women with my own intuitive understanding of the spiritual journey from illness to health, I established a private practice in Switzerland and worked with terminally ill cancer and AIDS patients.

A longtime interest in sacred sexuality brought about collaborations with two renowned Tantric teachers who where working in Europe, John Bellicchi and Alan Lowen (the founder of The Art of Being™). Together with my women’s team, I created a modern day version of the healing temples that existed thousands of years ago. In the role of sacred prostitute, I had an opportunity to combine my intuitive knowledge of human sexuality with my skill in energy work to become a sexual healer. But my true calling immerged when I began focusing my energy specifically on female sexuality and started creating workshops exclusively for women. Releasing the confusion and sexual disorientation that is part of modern women’s regrettable heritage became the central theme of my work. I developed very simple and direct techniques to challenge and guide women out of their hopelessness and disappointment and into a rediscovery of sexual innocence and joy.

I am a sought-after expert on women’s sexuality issues and appear frequently on European national television, am interviewed extensively, and am quoted in the national press. My work has been reviewed in multiple German-language publications, including Cosmopolitan, OnLine Today, Blick, Tages Anzeiger and Der SonntagZeitung. I have published articles about my work in Spuren, Esotera and Connection. My essays about female sexuality appear regularly on my own website attracting a worldwide readership and my site is linked to many prominent spirituality and sexuality teachers around the globe. My essays are also featured on related web magazines such as the Society for Human Sexuality – www.sexuality.org, Lady Fire – www.ladyfire.com and LanguidKiss – www.languidkiss.com. In 2004, “Waking Aphrodite” a documentary film about my life and seminar work will be released in the United States and Europe.

More Information about Maggie on: www.maggietapert.com

Her Workshops

The Luscious Vulva - Female Sexuality

A brief introduction to the authentic roots of female power. What is the truth about that place that we keep so well hidden? What is the power of the vulva and how can it be unleashed? What do we say when the men are not around to hear us? A closed circle for women who dare to share the truth about that place “down there”. Including a fabulous photo exhibit of the worlds most beautiful vulvas.

The Orgasmatron - A Masturbation Ritual

This is a very hands-on experiential workshop. Entering the sacred inner space through a guided meditation, Maggie Tapert invites participants to connect deeply with themselves and explore the individual sensual and ecstatic response of the physical body. Although we make this journey as a group and witness the sensual sounds of those around us, we are each focused and present essentially with ourselves. Freedom and autonomy are the gifts we receive from this group experience.
Blindfolds obligatory!

The Sacred Feast

One of the oldest traditions known to man is the ritual sharing of Bread and Wine. Long before organized religions adopted this tradition as a holy sacrament, people were breaking the bread and passing the chalice to symbolically honor the deep and enduring bond of our shared humanity. In this sacred ritual led by High Priestess, Maggie Tapert, all congress participants are invited to share the bread of life and the wine of our sacred celebration. Come, join us in a conscious experience of the communion of life.