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Matthias T.J. Grimme

Photo Matthias T.J. Grimme

Matthias T. J. Grimme, born in 1953, medical assistant, social worker, editor.
15 years of work in Psychiatry, 8 years work in male consciousness-raising groups.
Since 1999 editor of the SCHLAGZEILEN, Germany´s biggest S/M magazine.
He is also co-editor of the CHARON edition. Editor of "Käufliche Träume", "Die ungleichen Brüder", author of "Das SM-Handbuch" and "Das Bondage Handbuch", initiator of "BONDAGE PROJECTS" and co-organizer of various play parties such as "les fleurs du Mal", "abArt" and "Respekt!". Organizes Workshops on BDSM, especially Japanese Bondage. Photographer and filmmaker for bondage Project since 2000, has performed nationwide for 10 years. Co-owner of "Stahlstich / Kiss of Fire", Hamburgs renowned Piercing and Branding Studio.

For more information see: www.bondageproject.com

His Workshops

Japanese Bondage 1 - Introduction

How did Japanese Bondage (Shibari) develop to its contemporary form? After a general introduction to the various aspects of Japanese Bondage there will be the opportunity to learn some basic techniques.
Please bring comfortable clothes.

Japanese Bondage 2 Demonstration

After an introduction there will be a demonstration of Japanese Bondage and an explanation of the different aspects. Volunteers will have the opportunity to experience a suspended bondage themselves.
Afterward there will be a talk about the experience and the occasion to ask Matthias and the model questions.

Edge Play

Crossing the boundaries.
S/M is a game with limits. but for some people it just stats to get interesting when the borders are crossed. Physically or emotionally.