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Paula L. Rosengarthen

Photo Paula L. Rosengarthen

Paula L. Rosengarthen, 29, is a conceptual artist, writer and actor. Since 2000 she has organized BDSM and Sex Parties for the gay/lesbian community in Berlin. In 2002 and 2003, in the framework of a bimonthly S/M meeting for women and trans people she coached more than 300 interested women of all biological genders on issues of BDSM-Outing, Safer Sex and safer S/M.

In her private life she is a passioate collector of antique books and is studying sexual science and the History of Art. She is currently working intensively on a picture/text book which deals with the authentic and erotic representation of female BDSM players, and which will be published in Automn 2005 (Konkursbuch)

Her Workshops

Play Piercing

At first the idea of needles through the skin produces fear and disgust in most people. In a play piercing, sterile needles - often hypodermic needles - are usually inserted into the top layers of skin. These wounds heal without leaving permenent marks. In contrary to what most people believe Play Piercing does not hurt very much after the first short moment of insertion. The interest in Play Piercing lies more in the symbolic connotation that a penetration of the skin implies. All penetration of skin entails the potential risk of infection or trauma and requires extreme caution. In this workshop Paula will show how you can introduce needles sensually and playfully into your love life and will give practical tips for use, safety and hygiene

SM and Feminism

Alice Schwarzer, German radical feminist par excellence, once said that female masochism is "collaboration in the war against the male enemy". Luckily there is no norm for either feminism or sadomasochism: both are subject to historical changes, both are heterogenous and depend on social and cultural facts.
In this lecture, the different historical approaches of both sides will be illuminated and the thin red line where both are possible might be found.

Communication between the subcultures

Gay Scene, lesbian scene, S/M scene..parallel worlds that seem to exist separately from each other. But there is an exchange going on - whith occurs through specific rules and codes. This workshop explains what they are... .