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Rudolf was born in Berlin in 1937. He studied Law, Economy and Politics in Bonn and Göttingen, then History in Heidelberg and Paris. From 1960 on he was a student of Karlfried Graf Dürkheim. He later worked as a painter, theatre director and set designer. he completed his doctorate (PhD.phil.) in 1965. He was translator for Gabriel Marcel, then lektro at the Propyläenverlag.
In 1969, with Theodor W. Adorno, he began his philosophical work on the history of the body in modern times, which he concluded in 1973 with the "venia legendi" for Social Philosophy and Aestetics at the Philosophical Facluty of the University Frankfurt.

From 1971 to 1976 he taught philosophy, and later on sociology in Frankfurt. Since 1974 he is professor of Aesthetics at the University of Oldenburg. He initiated the "Karl Jaspers Vorlesungen zu Fragen der Zeit" and was a Fellow at the Wissenschaftskolleg, Berlin.
In 1982 he founded the "Institut für praktische Anthropologie e.V." that brought an exhibition about the "Geometrisierung des Menschen" to several foreign countries. He is editor of the magazine "POIESIS - praktisch-theoretische Wege ästhetischer Selbsterziehung".

Rudolf introduced body-practical exercises into philosophy, which he teaches in connection with questions about Art, Economy and Society. His life and thought are strongly marked by an early encounter with the sitting, breathing and movement exercises of the Japanese Za-Zen Tradition; connections between interior and exterior movement, between physical exercise and leberation of the psychological experience. One of his main works is called "Sinnenbewusstsein" (Awareness of the Senses). It is dedicated to the erotic rediscovery of living and experiencing in a biological and spiritual sense.

In many writings, lectures and workshops he works to animate these relations, using his former experience with theatre work, Aikido and his vast knowledge of dance.

His Workshops

S/M and Zen

Permeability, Pain, Devotion
Conversation with exercises
The interrelations between explorations in S/M and Zen will become concrete through exercises in Pain / Permeability / Devotion. From art comes the technique of "celebration"