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Sabine Hofmann

Photo Sabine Hofmann

Sabine has been practising Tantra since 1985. Trained as a massage therapist and sex educator she developed her own form of tantric massage. She combines it with Indian-shamanistic techniques based on the work of Deertribe and Beartribe (Quodoushka).
Since 1999 she has been regularly teaching her massage techniques.

In 2001 she opened LA LUNA, an erotic shop for women in Berlin-Mitte (Anklamer Straße 38, tel. 44 32 84 88 Mo-Fr 12-19, Sa 12-15 h)
Her approach to Tantra is playful, voluptour and pleasurable. Her joyful exercises are an invitation to discoer the Here and Now.

Her Workshops

Erotic Massage - DEMONSTRATION

This is a ritual full of tnederness and sensual awareness. Developed from Tantra, it is a meditation for the body, mind and soul. Based on respect and care, it offers timeless moments. Hands, feathers and flower leaves, music and perfumes create a flow of intense sensations. Sabine will demonstrate a complete massage session with a volunteer.
Watch and be inspired!

Erotic Toys

The most significant technical achievement since the electric lightbulb is certainly the battery powered vibrator, the most popular sex toy of all. It was invented by medical doctors in the 19th century to induce the hysteric paroxysm, an orgas for healing purposes. In the 1920´s it was readily available for household use in every pharmacy. Since that time the climate has changed to one of gloomy fears and disinformation.
Sabine would like to open the cuurtain now and bring light into the dark. A tray with lots of handy examples from the large variety of sex toys. Touch them!.

Tantric Games for Couples

...(and other bands of two) To communicate differently, to try something new, to play new games, to taste something exotic! A change of perspective can bring inspiration and surprise. Tantric exercises, elements from massage, visualization and voluptous little games are the ingredients of this workshop.