Michael Hartenfels

Michael Hartenfels

Michael Hartenfels has lead a successful homoeopathic practice for 16 years and has trained people in homeopathy for eight years. From early on he has been concerned with contact and healing, he has studied the effects of the pharmaceutical drugs on sexuality and connected questions of contact. He used to live for many years in open communities and in art projects and knows about the different facets of sexuality/contacts and the combined risks of diseases. Since 2001 he has instructed groups on the topics of love / sexuality and is working on establishing a love school.

For more information see www.homoeopathie-direkt.de and www.paradiesprojekt.com

His Workshop

Sexuality and Healing
Sexuality is combined with the fear of contagion.
In the Middle Ages people thought of sexuality as a mortal sin which leads right to hell, nowadays people have the opinion that sexuality without protection and a stable “hygienic” partner leads to diseases.
Out of blind religious belief has arisen a blind belief in materialistic natural science.

The intention of this seminar is to give some insight into what is meant by diseases and healing in the context of an openly lived sexuality. I am not sick because I have some kind of virus. Indeed I have viruses because I am sick. What stands behind syphilis, gonorrhoea, AIDS et al.? What questions of contact, what sexual topics and what potential of happiness in life, union and healing lie there?

To dissolve fear through understanding what is happening and not being its victim.In this workshop, we will find more taboos than one would expect. What can I do to get rid of fear in minds and bodies? Homoeopathic treatments will be introduced as features in the context of the borderline zones of sexuality, and made at once comprehensible and entertaining. How is it possible to recognize the burdens and habits of one human being and also his potential only from his stature and appearance? On request, the state of some participants will be presented as examples for homoeopathic treatment.