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SENSUALSINNERS are delta® & C.D.
We have initiated the project SENSUAL SINNERS for all our activities around love, sensuality and touch.
We ask: "Is sensuality sin?"
We think that the only Sin is, not to enjoy your life with all senses.

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Their Workshops

Flagellation in Motion

When the “victim“ is no longer tied up or accepts whippings with clenched teeth, then motion comes into play!
Between the partners there evolves a form of dance that can be severe and spontaneous, but also smooth and sleek like a cat. The one who whips can do so in a relatively firm manner, because the sub defines with his or her movements when and where he or she wants to be hit. So the sub becomes the controller of his or her game. In this workshop we will develop our skills with the whip to the point where we are able to hit a moving target without producing unwanted pain or damage.
This workshop is for advanced players only. Please bring your personal equipment, which you can easily handle.

Atonement through pain

This workshop highlights the story of misconduct, atonement and breaking rules and the remorse, penance and punishment that follows. Punishment especially has for all of us a painful aspect. Whether it is a punishment of the body or the soul, everything that hurts us can also teach us something when we consciously give into the pain. We all have experience with punishment whether in childhood or as an adult.

For some of us, it is mainly psychological through humiliation or the withdrawal of love, for others it is mainly bodily through all forms of beating and other painful sanctions. Every one of us deals differently with his or her experiences and many of us reproduce their experiences in different forms throughout their whole life. Some compensate by taking the parental role to correct and punish others while some choose to take the child’s role and feel quite well in enduring humiliation and punishment. This behavior is found also in "real life" in love games.

If there is no counterpart demanding penance, many develop instruments of self-punishment such as the withdrawal of food (bulimia, anorexia) to all kinds of psychosomatic disorders including religious-based self-flagellation (Opus Dei). Bringing to consciousness our unconscious mechanisms of punishment and symbolic acting out can have therapeutic effects in helping us deal with traumatic "guilt and atonement" experiences instead of torturing our bodies with diseases.

We will discuss our various personal experiences with breaking rules and punishment in this workshop, and reflect on possible somatic kinds of self-punishment and get to deal with them in the form of punishment scenarios (that are effectively painful) in a playful way.

Bastinado - Session and Exercises

Bastonade/Bastinado (French/Italian) means a special form of bodily punishment, usually in Arabian countries, that executed through by hitting the bare sole of the victim’s foot, mostly using straps, rods or sticks.
The foot and especially the sole of foot is a sensitive and also erogenous body zone, such that selectively chosen strikes can give some people such pleasure that advanced tops can even drive them to an orgasm. The same goes for biting and tickling tied up feet.
This kind of SM is disliked by most at first but with practice it can be experienced as highly erotic and with increasing pleasure. This is especially so when punishment is then followed by caresses.
In this workshop we will, after a real demo session, be concerned with the theoretical as well as practical application of bastinado as used in SM, in particular looking at the choice of suitable whipping instruments, the finding of an individually adapted position of treatment, an appropriate frequency and intensity of whipping and also discuss the erotic phantasies which lead to this form of play.