Osada Steve

Osada Steve

Osada Steve learned his rope the hard way, by apprenticing under the legendary Shibari grandmaster Osada Eikichi.
He is living and working as a rope artist in Japan.

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His Workshops

Japanese Bondage - Master Class
The workshops are geared towards advanced riggers who would like to study Japanese bondage techniques (Shibari). To get full mileage from the hands-on parts be advised to bring your own rope partners. Beyond the purely technical aspects of the ties, Osada Steve will impart insights into the thinking processes of Japanese Shibari masters, and provide background information on the history and cultural reasons behind the use of rope in the modern S/M context.

A Japanese actress will be serving as demonstration model.

July 28 – Workshop I
Establishing the experience level of the participants.
Short review of the most important basic ties.
Hands-on part: Arm flute
Demonstration: Suspension bondage

July 29 – Workshop II
Hands-on part: chest box bondage and variations
Demonstration: Suspension bondage

July 30 – Workshop III
Hands-on part: Suspension bondage
Demonstration: Suspension bondage

The exact content of each workshop will depend on the amount of bondage experience of the participants. Though these workshops are billed as Master Class, anybody with an interest in Japanese rope bondage is welcome to watch.