His Workshops
The art of dominance

In every life situation, in every social context, we are surrounded by power structures. Every single interaction, every act of communication is partly determined by the distribution of power among the participants. But what exactly is dominance? What is it based on and how does it emerge? How is dominance put into practice? And what is the difference between power and dominance?

In the workshop we will search for answers to these questions. Using examples from the mythical, historical and biographical realm, the participants will determine their own dominance type and broaden their personal understanding of dominance.
After we have deepened our theoretical knowledge of dominance and its principles, we will improve our practical understanding through improvisation and role play. How can I build up dominance? How can I consciously deal with power structures and use them purposefully?
In exercises in pairs and in groups we will play with power and practice establishing dominance. We will work with everyday situations and their inherent moments of dominance. We will analyse them, understand them and manipulate them. To illustrate the dominance types that were previously established, we will apply them to the styles of dominance that arise in the exercises. After acquiring theoretical knowledge about types of dominance and power structures and getting some hands-on experience, every participant should apply what he or she has learned and establish his/her power in a given situation.