Bridge Markland

Bridge Markland
Bridge Markland the Berlin dance-theatre-performance-artist is a virtuoso of roleplay and quick-change. A chameleon that throws herself into many extremes, but isn’t merely limited to any one of them. She is an artist who effortlessly crosses all boundaries between sub- and high-culture, dance, theatre, performance, comedy and erotic-art. Her speciality is transgender-performance in which the audience can experience the change of woman to man (or vice versa). There is an erotic aura around her in all roles and genders. She has female and male sex-appeal far away from hetero- or homosexual limits and all inscribed identities.

Other focuses are: biographical performances, audience improvisation, site specific dance- and movement improvisation, writing, readings For many years she has been a thrill to her audiences performing on many national and international stages.
Full evening shows: „bridgeland zwei“, „in the box“, schiller in the box“
Short performances: „The most beautiful woman in the world“, „Sweet T.“, „M.J.“ and many more...
Festivals: “bild – wort – bühne”, Kunsthaus Tacheles - Berlin 2001; “go drag! women celebrate cross dressing”, Kunsthaus Tacheles - Berlin 2002
Published books:
“Bridge Markland – Portraits”, from 1984-2000 16 photographers took pictures of Bridge (with biographic information in German, English and French) „ Konkursbuchverlag, 2000 “Stripped“, erotic short stories (in German) „ Konkursbuchverlag, 2000

More information:
Her Workshops
Bodies communicating

These three workshops are about interpersonal, erotic and sexual communication.

1) Holding
In the first workshop we will have a savouring look into holding. We will experience the many things happen on the inside when we just hold someone for a prolonged period of time without even doing much else. The cells pick up communication with each other. A long holding session leaves us pleasantly refreshed. Without having talked to each other, we have become very intimate with someone else.

2) Skin
In the second workshop we will learn about the dimensions of the skin. The skin is the body's largest sense organ. The skin has many layers. Touching should not only address the topmost layer, but go much deeper. The caressing fingers and hands as well as the skin that is caressed shall be sensitized to feel the different layers. We will set out to playfully increase our potential to experience through our sense of touch.

3) Kissing
In the third workshop we will engage in a playful and delightful exploration of kissing. Our lips will find someone else's face, neck, arms, hands, feet. We will kiss each other's bodies, cheeks, lips, tongues... Change of partners included, regardless of gender.

People acutely affected by herpes are asked to refrain from participation. Please bring comfortable clothes for all three workshops.