Caprice Dilba

Caprice studied marketing and communication and directed product launches and public relation events for various commercial enterprises.

In 2001 she retired from commercial PR and reinvented herself as a producer and performer.
(“! Dance Exchange Festival", Bröllin; “Room Service" by Gregor Weber; “Secret Service" by Felix Ruckert)

With her partner she experienced the bitter sweetness of pain & pleasure in her private life as well as on stage.
Due to various injuries and surgeries she stopped her s/m activities. "I live with pain every day, so I don´t need it in my sex life anymore". In 2006 she founded her own Yoga Studio, specialized on Ashtanga- and Vinyasa-Yoga.

Her Workshop
Partner Yoga
Begin your day with a gentle yoga class that focuses on working with your partner.
Partner yoga gets you in touch with yourself and others.
Typical yoga positions are easier to experience with the support of a partner. The exercises will be complemented with elements from Thai Yoga Massage. Both parts (Partner Yoga and Thai Massage) are about passive stretching. We barely have to invest our own energy, we just need to stay relaxed and let our partner stretch us carefully.
It is about letting go, communicating, trusting each other.
This workshop can be attended by everyone, no matter how young, old, big, slim, flexible or stiff you feel.
You can come with a partner, but you can also find someone in the workshop.