Her Workshops
Really good sex

Step 1

I get to know myself and my desires. What do I need to feel good about my sexuality? Do I even know?

How have I treated myself with regard to these needs? Have I dealt with them in a compensatory way, looked for surrogates (and found them)? Or is my sex life truly fulfilling? What does that feel like for me: sexual satisfaction?

Step 2

Who do I need to experience my sexuality in a fulfilling way? Do I feel my partner? How and when do I feel my partner? Is my partner's satisfaction my most important goal? Or is my own satisfaction paramount? How can there be both a You and an I?

Step 3

What happens, when we let go, surrender, abandon ourselves to each other? When the things between us just happen. When thinking is no longer important. When we feel connected to something greater through our connection with our partner. How does that work, and can we intentionally reach such a state? We will experience the sexual energy that is raised through our connection with others in a new way.

In this workshop, we will use exercises and games to become better acquainted with our body and its real needs and wants. We will find out if and how our emotions play a part in our sexuality, or if and why we split them off.
How do we get in touch with others? We will experience what it feels like to really feel what is good for us. We will learn to be aware of ourselves. We will be able to use these experiences to improve our personal sex lives, because our bodies will know how it feels when it's just right.