Peter has been both a theoretician and a practitioner of crossdressing for many years. More than once he has given away all his women's clothes, but in the end they always revealed their magic appeal to him once again. As a psychologist he is now interested in how wearing the clothes of the opposite gender can cause confusion, but can also become a part of everyday life.
He very much enjoys the bewilderment he causes from time to time as "guy in a skirt". Peter frequently works with role play, both in his job and privately, online and face to face, in a range from kindness to cruelty.
Gerhard has always been intrigued by gender roles, their appeal and the taboos surrounding them, those rules that need to be observed, but can also be broken for pleasure. He loves playing with details, such as clothing and jewelry, that can cause sudden confusion or elicit smiles. As a photographer with a focus on "personal photography" that draws inspiration from play and experiment with clothes and roles, he is interested in questions like: How far am I willing or forced to comply with prevailing stereotypes? Am I less of a man, when I am wearing a skirt, more of a man, when wearing trousers - even though trousers make a woman no less of a woman? Why do men's clothes have to be unerotic?

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Their Workshops
The Fascination of Clothing: Crossdressing - Role Play - Fetish

This series of workshops examines playing with clothes from various angles.
Clothes influence both our conscious and our unconscious mind in how we feel and how we treat other people. These workshops are about the fascination clothes can hold for us - especially the clothes of the opposite gender. We invite participation by both men and women as well as all those who cannot class themselves as either gender, or do not wish to do so. We are also happy about anyone who just wants to play around a bit with different clothes.

Crossdressing is about the identity-forming function of clothing.
Role Play is about the role of clothing in developping and playing scenes.
Fetish is about sensually experiencing clothes, objects or body parts that are perceived to have a sexual connotation.

Workshop Crossdressing - Concept
Clothing is an important (gender) indentity-forming factor and it influences how we communicate with others. In this workshop we want to encourage experiments with the effects of clothes in a social context. For this purpose you will have the opportunity to try on clothes of the opposite gender and feel the effects it has on your own experience and the way you communicate with others: moving differently, feeling differently, playing with clothing - seducing, being seduced and falling in love again with yourself, discovering new sides to yourself, feeling clothes differently. Please bring along clothes, wigs, make-up, shoes, and whatever else you enjoy, if you like also for sharing with others. We will also bring along some things. If people are interested, we will organise an additional "in drag" excursion to a pub.

Clothing can have various different functions in role play. It can change the rank of a player (a maidservant is unlikely to play "on top") or change the physical experience (high heels make you walk slow!). In this workshop we will try out the different functions clothing can have in role play. New ways to purposefully integrate clothes into role play may become apparent, and we might discover new roles. Unleash your potential wearing a false beard, a suit and a tie. Submit to the boot, tease in a skirt, show your legs, feel your power to seduce in lace, silk, PVC, leather, and tight jeans and muscle shirt. Please bring along clothes, wigs, make-up, shoes, and whatever else you enjoy, if you like also for sharing with others. We will also bring along some things.

Workshop Fetish - Concept
Fetish - an object wielding miraculous power, an object that can cause an immense sexual arousal all on its own. Fetish - loved and loathed. In this workshop we want to live up to xplore's motto: xplore fetish. We will focus on the erotic side of clothes. What turns me on: shoes, nylons, men's underwear, lingerie, beards, skin, hair, PVC, leather, latex - watching and being watched - feeling, my own body and other's bodies... Please bring along clothes, wigs, make-up, shoes, or whatever else you eroticise, if you like also for sharing with others. We will also bring along some things.