Paula L. Rosengarthen

Paula L. Rosengarthen is a conceptual artist, writer and actor. Since 2000 she has organized BDSM and Sex Parties for the gay/lesbian community in Berlin. In 2002 and 2003, in the framework of a bimonthly S/M meeting for women and trans people she coached more than 300 interested women of all biological genders on issues of BDSM-Outing, Safer Sex and safer S/M.

In her private life she is a passioate collector of antique books and is studying sexual science and the History of Art. She is currently working intensively on a picture/text book which deals with the authentic and erotic representation of female BDSM players, and which will be published in Automn 2005 (Konkursbuch)

More information:

Her Workshops
Drama Workshop (Role Play)
- Creative Ways of Dealing and Playing with Stereotypes

1. Role Play - Shaping Communication
2. Work on Roles
Supervised Thematic Space (Boudoir and Brothel)

This group-dynamic workshop employs acting techniques (mainly from improvisational theater) for the purpose of playfully introducing laypeople to the development of their own roles. We will primarily focus on our own awareness in order to facilitate access to the seemingly predefined scenarios within our subjective world of erotic experience.

Classic role play scenarios such as "teacher and student" have great potential to reveal new sides to our personality and to allow us to delve deeper into these newly discovered facets.
The instructor wants to encourage creative and joyful expression of roles and will present techniques that can support this process.
What can I do, when I have difficulty getting into my role? How can I remain authentic in an artificial situation? Which roles challenge me - which do not fit at all? Where is my sexual identity in all this? Do I have an affinity for certain roles? Can I broaden my self image through role play? Can a role help me to live out and explore certain predilections? How do I react to my counterpart?