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24. / 25. / 26. Juli 2009 in Berlin


Catherine Corringer

Catherine Corringer is an actress, a performer and a filmmaker.

Her artistic work explores women’s sexual power through sado-masochism, porn and body performances.

She directed : Day’s Night (2005), In Between (2006) This is the Girl (2007), Smooth (2009) shown at many underground, experimental and also well known festivals . She always performes in her films where nothing is fake, everything is « real », blood, pain, sensations …


SM auf der Leinwand / SM on screen (In English)

The workshop will be in two parts :
The first part will start with a screening of my movie In Between (26 minutes).

Synopsis of In Between
There are in “In Between” extreme performance scenes in a fantastic world of sado-masochism, in which limits are reached with blood and wool.
Between sitting up and lying down, between man and woman, between an order given and being carried out, between cruelty and innocence, a female body bites, pricks, plays, tortures, slashes and savours.

After the screening, we will discuss a little about the movie.
In the second part of the workshop, I will ask people to shoot with one or two cameras, or a cellphone, a little scene that they will prepare with one or two people there. The theme of the screening will be chosen by me. What will be important for the « filmmaker » will be to see and to shoot a body, a skin, that is going to change during the shot (with pain, excitation for example the skin will become red, sweat will appear), and for the actors, they will feel what is « performing », that means they will feel and explore how to find energy, strenght and endurance for one shot.