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24. / 25. / 26. Juli 2009 in Berlin



I began doing yoga more than 10 years ago while living in New York City working as a video and film artist. In 1999 I came to Berlin as part of a performance tour. After falling in love with the city, I decided to make Berlin my home and began collaborating with puppeteers, dancers and other performance artists while teaching yoga. During my escape from the harsh winters in Berlin, I study Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga in southern India. My journeys to India along with my 15-year background in dance inspire and inform my teaching.


Yoga and S/M (in english)

This is an experimental workshop that combines Yoga practice with the use of BDSM instruments. The idea of this scenario is inspired by the practice of some Zen masters who would strike their students during meditation practice in order to keep their mind and body in a state of attention. A series of Asanas will be taught to the participants by Elektra. Once the material is acquired, delta, a master in the field of flagellation, will accompany participants with a single tail whip during their practice. These strokes will be quite intense, but spread out over large intervals of time. They will happen randomly without warning. The idea is to combine the calm, discipline and self control of the yoga practice with the elements of surprise, aggression and loss of control. Participants can choose if, and which parts of their body they want to expose to the whip.