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24. / 25. / 26. Juli 2009 in Berlin


Enji Rayd

Enji Rayd ‘s interest in Japan and Japanese culture and aesthetics was raised in 1980, when he started a formation in Japanese martial arts, at the Karate – Do in Berlin. Other ways of working with body and soul introduced him to Shiatsu, Classical and Partner Massage (Dr Atesh Cordis) as well as autogenous training and included various explorations in meditation, Tantra and BDSM practices.

A few years ago Enji also started dancing Tango Argentino, another art form, that is concerned with balancing distance and proximity, autonomy and intimacy, guiding and following in an intense, nonverbal way. Berlin, the world’s second hot spot for Tango practice offers all the possibilities needed.

For many years Enji tried to intensify the capacity of sexual devotion and erotic experience through the use of rope, tying up his partners. Even so these explorations started unsystematically he deepened them through encountering and learning from Midori, Matthias Grimme and Lew Rubens. He got introduced specifically to Japanese Bondage by Zamil, with whom he started a continuous formation, that was completed by workshops and private lessons from Osada Steve and a training with Yukimura Haruki in Tokyo.

For Enji Rayd, Shibari means a liaison of aesthetics, sexual functionality, and the art of undertaking a journey into the “Centre of your mind”. He emphasizes an efficient technique as well as the communion of the experience and the free flow of energy between the active and the passive part, in order to loosen up and release physical, mental and emotional blocks.

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Talking Ropes

Enji Rayd of Studio SIX Berlin Osada Kinbaku Dojo will direct this practical workshops on ropes as a medium of nonverbal communication with a partner. He will briefly introduce the wide range of possibilities that nonverbal communication offers and then encourage the participants to lay out their own individual scenes and situations, where the rope more and more becomes the central means of connection to the Other.

The workshop is not about technical aspects, but about discovering the possible effects of the ropes: Embracing and Holding, Decorating and Exposing, as well as Overwhelming, Restricting, Menacing and Torturing.

It might be about sex or power, ecstasy or empathy, expression or aestetics. What turns you on and how do you get there? What about the relation between emotion and technique?? Is it skillfulness that I care for? Or my partner? What am I looking for, when I tie someone up?

This class will not explain knots or demonstrate specific techniques.
The participants, from beginner to experienced, are invited to experiment, to work or to play on their individual technical level. Enji will demonstrate possibilities, make suggestions, observe, answer questions, provide help and advice,, show alternatives and give feedback.

All levels. Bring your own rope, if you have!