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24. / 25. / 26. Juli 2009 in Berlin


Thomas Luhmann, Kai Ehrhardt and Jorgos

Groups give me the room to apply myself absolutely and completely. Through leading groups, I have learned that I can make love flow right through me.

I can share this wonderful experience with my groups and also with you. I have developped Gay Love Spirit and related methods in various training courses and seminars, and have come to value and love this body of knowledge. This learning process includes Lotus-Tantra as taught by Jovana Wex, a two-year Tantra training course (Orgodynamik) with Bodhi Ebermann, a three-year Encounter training course at the HUMANIVERSTIY university in Egmond an Zee (Holland) with Premdip M. Simon and Aamod W. Schwade, Souling with Martin Siems, Bodyelectric at Bodyelectric Europe and Five Rhythms with Gabrielle Roth. Since 1997 I have led gay Tantra workshops.

Kai Ehrhardt (born 68) Kai Ehrhardt is a therapist and teacher devoted to the integration of breath, body awareness, sexuality and spirituality. In individual sessions, he brings 13 years of experience to his work as a sexual healer, breath therapist, coach and erotic masseur. He works and lives in Berlin and NYC.

Kai was trained at the Middendorf Breath Institutes San Francisco and Berlin (Jörg Roffler and Prof. Ilse Middendorf), at the Body Electric School, Oakland and The Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, San Francisco. He studied with numerous holistic pioneers (Radical Healing with Dr. Rudolph Ballentine, Continuum with Emily Conrad, Integral Consciousness with Ken Wilber).

Authentic Eros is the product of all of these influences and aims to create spaces in which sexuality and embodiment can be experienced as essential vital resources that expand the potential of interpersonal encounter as well as cultivate, from bones to spirit, a transparent, ecstatic and free experience of one's own Self.


Sexuality in one way or the other has been an important point of interest since I was a kid. Learning with the time, that sexuality can be an extremely important vehicle on the way to liberate myself was one of the most illustrative moments in my adult life. I never stopped since then sharing this joy with other inquiring people!“

Jorgos is a professional dancer and performer.
His trainings and education guided him from Athens, through Amsterdam and New York in Berlin.
There he teaches, after many years of devoted practice Vinyassa Flow Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyassa Yoga, Partner and naked Yoga.

He enhanced his skills through the participation in workshops with important teachers like Manju Jois, Nancy Gilgoff, Bridget Woods Kramer and Daniel Orlansky.

He loves and explores the nature, functionality and multidimensionality of the human body and mind. He is still and always creating his path through different ways and techniques.

He explores the human sexuality, as an important tool to expand one’s consciousness. He creates a safe field for expression and healing. Using different techniques to access the life energy, he offers the space as a teacher to recognise and acknowledge one’s passion, needs and limits in order to learn through this how to dive deeper into the soul.

He works since two years for Gay Love Spirit, as a workshop facilitator. He also offers erotic massages, S&M Sessions, Sex-Counselling, Reiki and Yoga.

„I love talking about sex cause it’s one of the five basic human needs and the other four are boring“ Peaches

More information on www.gaylovespirit.de


Sensual Massage for Men

Men touching men

Touching or being touched can be experienced as flowing, hard and soft, erotic, nourishing, intimate and fulfilling . This little workshop will give you a short introduction to the art of erotic massage between men. We will then teach you how to give a massage and accompany you when you receive it.
For all genders, but only men will be massaged.

Massage as Role Play

When we lecture on massage, we teach the strict adherence to roles. The person giving the massage forgets about his or her own needs and focuses complete attention on the person receiving it. The person giving the massage reads the wishes of the receiver from his or her face and body and tries to fulfil them. The receiver remains completely passive, opens up, lets go and enjoys the flow. In massage as role play we take you to the limits of this concept by playing with them. You will suddenly realize the importance of the role of intention when we try to get involved with each other.

Authentic Eros

in English

We will show you how to confide into your sense consciousness. Authentic Eros uses touch, movement, sensuous experience and breath as well as guided and spontaneous encounter exercises. During the process you will at times take the "passive" i.e. receiving role and at other times be in the "active" i.e. giving role. Break through the patterns of habit, judgement und comparison. Surrender yourself to what really is there and give free reins to your spontaneity. Be yourself. Have fun. Make anxiety-free contact with your very own ability to live ecstatically. Can you imagine that?

Power and Passion

It has been, and it still is, a side effect of women’s fight for equality and of feminism that many men don’t trust their vigor and fierceness anymore, their nature of being “warriors and killers”, thereby compromising their passion. They are afraid to appear in society’s old stereotypical roles. In the process of relearning, too many instinctual impulses were suppressed. At the same time, women who try too hard to conform to an image of masculinity in order to be successful, castrate their own fierceness and their dark side. The result are, in their extremes, sensitive wimps and friendly but callous career women.

In this workshop we will try to break away from these tendencies and give space to our wild bodily animals by means of practical, experimental instructions.