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24. / 25. / 26. Juli 2009 in Berlin



Hagen has loved to tie up people for forty years. Even as a boy, ropes, knifes and needles were more appealing to him than Soccer and Company. His special favourites were "Interrogations" in dark cellars and playing "indians", complete with dares and totem pole tortures.

Always searching for perfection, his studies have taken him to the Far East where binding people became an art form.

In 2001 he founded "SAGA - Bizarre Kunst und Kulturwerkstatt" in Berlin out of a desire to unite art, craft, and commerce on the base of a common erotic interest: BDSM.
As a skilled master he also works at the notorious AVALON, a professional SM-Studio, where he teaches the art of bondage to curious couples and introduces women to the world of lust and pain.


Hot Wax

A special candle light dinner for the skin. For the fans of Hot Wax it causes an exremely erotic sensation, both because of the intermingling of heat with other kind of stimuli and because of the unpredictability of exactly where the drops will fall.
In this workshop we will try out the whole variety of how different candles can "burn". From relaxing - yes, that is possible! - to truly hot, there are lots of possibilities. And of course important safety tips:
not all candles are the same....