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24. / 25. / 26. Juli 2009 in Berlin


Jay Cynic

Jay Cynic, at the age of 31, lives and loves in Hamburg.

Being polyamorous, promiscuous and polymorphously perverse, he gained quite some experience in regard to his passions of sex and BDSM – in spite of his social phobia. This proved to be a significant contribution to weakening his Eastern Westphalian origins.

Being a geek, he connects rationality and well-grounded theory with intuitive practice in his autodidactic approach. Solid, yet driven by his search for new possibilities... A shy incubus with a control fetish, a sadist who experiences lust as a form of communication. It’s his personal mission to promote individual responsibility. He has written articles for Schlagzeilen and for Charon publishing house, and he has been active in the German S&M scene for 15 years; he used to offer his services in an S&M studio, and he likes to test the limits of his knowledge by imparting it to others.


Trance and Hypnosis

Altered states of consciousness open up fascinating modes of playing – even with no drugs at all – because desire always passes through the brain.
This offers possibilities both for adding to already established practices, and for discovering new ones – like role play of all sorts, control, conditioning, awake trance, sex in trance, altered perception.

The workshop will give a positive overview of the theoretical background and we will discuss different ways of applying it in practice. There will also be practical demonstrations and exercises in order for participants to be able to expand their involvement with the issue, if interested. Though we are also going to address limits and common prejudices.