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24. / 25. / 26. Juli 2009 in Berlin


Jess Curtis

Jess Curtis (San Francisco/Berlin) is a choreographer, performer and teacher of dance and performance.

He has practiced contact improvisation for over 25 years and has explored the intersection of public ritual, performance and erotic play practice with such luminaries as Annie Sprinkle, Joseph Kramer, Keith Hennessy, Madame Cleo DuBois and Fakir Musafar.


Bone Sex (in english)

Jess Curtis leads an exploration of whole body pleasure. Using techniques from contact improvisation and erotic play practice to deepen your sexual dance and it's connection to your partners'. Find the pathways that lead to freer motion. Get out of your head, beyond your genitals, come to your senses. This class is for men and women. All participants must be equally willing to work with men and women, within the context of negotiated consensual boundaries. Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing (i.e.sweats). Some exercises may be clothing optional.