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24. / 25. / 26. Juli 2009 in Berlin



Laudana has been working mainly as a documentary and TV producer, writer and director since the mid-1980s.

Sexuality has been fascinating her since early adolescence. Especially the concealed aspects of sexuality have always been of special interest for her. She is interested in exploring and even transgressing boundaries, and regards this as a fundamental expression of human existance which ultimatly does not allow for compromises.
How far are people willing to go, how do they live their sexuality – both alone and with others? Control, submission, devotion, pain, desire – the libido as life drive. She loves playing with the elementary, with the obvious, with distance and closeness.


BDSM - Coming Out
Out of the closet! Or… “Yipee, I am a pervert!”

Everyone lives S/M in a different way. Some do it secretly, even without their partner knowing about it; others do it openly. Realizing it yourself is always the first step before coming out to others.

My own coming out was late, rapid and concentrated.
In hindsight it became clear to me that S/M has always been relevant to me in various ways. I just never realized it… And now I am a pervert. Disorder of sexual preference no. F 65.5, according to the WHO. That is okay with me.

This is what my workshop is about.
I would like to find out and to share with you how this first realization came about. And what, in turn, was touched off by that. How you dealt with this newly discovered side of yourself, and how you deal with it today – for yourself, but also with others. Do you join the “scene”? If so, which one? Do you choose new lovers always according to whether or not they are a good match regarding S/M? How do your sexual preferences affect other parts of your life? Did you or do you have any feelings of guilt or fear? What part does the internet play in all this?

Participants should be ready to share these personal and, by all means, emotional experiences, and take pleasure in doing so. Interesting stories, new aspects and points of view lead us to re-position ourselves in new ways, to re-discover both familiar and new aspects of ourselves, and maybe to find even more pleasurable ways of dealing with our own little, big, mean, funny and exhilerating “perversions”…