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24. / 25. / 26. Juli 2009 in Berlin


Effie and Theotan

Born in 1972.
Dance - Body Work – Massage.

Tango Argentino – I have been dancing this dance of desire and devotion for 10 years. Improvising and being present in every given moment is what fascinates me about it. How many links there are to the matter of leading and following, devotion and dominance… I work with women and men who want to reconnect with their body and soul through dance and through holistic massage.

Born in 1956.
Spiritual and corporal counseling, spiritual life guidance.

SUBstance/SUB’s dance... Tango and BDSM... Two spaces I enjoy inhabiting and moving in.
Discovering bonds and connections – being enwrapped by the essence. Effie and I have been on our way together for a couple of years, with classes – workshops – lectures – scenarios. Alongside with that, I support people in particular living situations or crises.


SM and Tango

Leading and following, surrender and trust, improvising and staging, passion and presence, closeness and distance. These issues verge both on BDSM and on Tango Argentino.

We will work on leading and following in Tango Argentino, teach its main principles, and we will experiment with elements of BDSM that can be incorporated into the dance: pressure – restriction – provocation – pain – sensual deprivation. It is important to us that every couple creates their own personal connection between the spaces of tango and BDSM. Previous experience with tango is not required.