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24. / 25. / 26. Juli 2009 in Berlin


Nikola Lutz

• Studied classical saxophone and music theory in Bordeaux and in Stuttgart
• lives and works in Stuttgart
• scholarship holder of the Art Foundation Baden-Württemberg

As a composer she works in the area of sound installations, sound art, performance and musical theater. With regard to composition, she is interested in electronic music as well as the human voice. In collaboration with choreographer Fabian Chyle and director Bernhard Eusterschulte she dealt with issues such as trauma, identity, obsession and psychosis in her compositions. She is engaged in various interdisciplinary projects, e.g. in duos with singer and performer Rebekka Uhlig, with projection artist Volker Illi and with performer Bridge Markland.

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Some like it hot

Linako's Burning Vinyls for turntable, computer und pyrotechnics.

Playing with fire has always been alluring but not exactly without danger – not only kids but also politicians, experts and even entire cultures have burnt their fingers when dealing with this element which can never be fully controlled. Nikola Lutz examines this matter as a foundation for creating sound by treating vinyl records with it, retrieving it from texts, and bestowing a few small live gigs on the protagonist.