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24. / 25. / 26. Juli 2009 in Berlin


Norah Nova

Norah Nova grew up in the 80s in an intentional community of queer-polyamorous “dropouts” on the Balearic Islands.
Needless to ask what lead this innocent-looking human being to debauchery… Much later she escaped from provincial eastern Westphalia to the metropolis of Vienna, together with Lati, Doll and Babe, three hybrid nymphs from outta space. There she explored extensively the modes and effects of the crystalline, serving a devil with an angel’s heart. She made a detour through the Netherlands and the Rhineland and eventually came to Hamburg. This is where Norah, at the age of 27, is now working her way up from being a simple bohemian to being a Grande Dame, with her buxom curves and all her dedication.

Besides having numerous lovers, every now and then she also finds time to write short stories, and, more recently, fragments of the great German post-reunification novel.



The internet search engine Google shows 868.000 hits for the German term "Hingabe"(devotion) that is displayed clearly legible between Norah Novas shoulders for all the world to see. But what does devotion actually signify? What lies behind the fact of being utterly devoted to person or a cause? When does devotion become tangible for us? These questions will be fathomed together in a cacophony of devotion: Watch out, this could get personal!

Norah Nova chats about her everyday work concerning her own and other people's devotion.
She is looking forward to add to her own wealth of experience that of the workshop participants.
You are welcome to meditate, laugh, dance, sing, eat, stretch and above all talk.

Oral Orgasm

Lucullan ngöndro & recipes for orally fixated aficionados, delicacies and blush inducers for beginners as well as practical exercises with (living) objects!