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24. / 25. / 26. Juli 2009 in Berlin


Richard Hancock

Richard Hancock moved recently from San Francisco (USA) to Berlin.


Richard Hancock (b. 1977, UK) is an artist and choreographer working across the fields of performance, installation, text, video and photography. Since 2001, he has collaborated with Traci Kelly on a body of work questioning the boundaries of individual and collaborative practice, most notably through their series of Lone Duets. The resulting works have been a series of intimate and queer events, both moving and spectacular, exploring the shifting spaces between subjects

His current practice exists at the intersection of dance and visual art. His wider areas of interest surround questions of cultural and racial whiteness, masculinity, and non-reproductive sexualities.

He has performed and exhibited extensively throughout the UK and Europe, and in Australia and Central America. In January 2009 he relocated from his previous base in San Francisco, USA, to Berlin, Germany. 

More Information here:  www.richardandkellylive.com

His Workshop:

Frozen - Performance laboratory with Richard Hancock

This laboratory explores the urge for stillness, the desire for presence, and the capacity for one to melt into the other.  Each impulse is measured and controlled.  The body becomes the measure of time in the moment and its projection into the future, as seconds slide into minutes, and one body drips into another…