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24. / 25. / 26. Juli 2009 in Berlin


Zana Tondela

Zana has always been fascinated by the realm of inner transformation and that paved her personal and professional highway. She believes in the individual potential to be capable of both cavorting in the earthy pleasures and encountering the selfless silent serenity, while celebrating these states and their nuances with awareness.

After graduating in Psychology a decade ago she has been globetrotting, living and working in different countries among which Portugal, Holland, UK, Germany, Brazil, USA and India.
This nomadic lifestyle and a touch of serendipity gave her the scope to develop various programmes and initiatives and explore cutting-edge and creative therapy pathways. Ultimately, her purpose is to inspire and offer a genuine contribution to personal growth.
Yoga has been part of her life for over 7 years and she is now a certified Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga teacher, going back and forth to India to update her knowledge.

With vast experience in the Holistic Health field, Zana offers a constellation of classes, workshops and retreats all over the world. The subjects embrace Yoga (asanas oriented), Pranayama, Meditation, Health Awareness, Detoxing Practices, Raw Food, Self-development and Interpersonal Skills.

For more info check her website: www.zanatondela.com

Ihre Workshops

Bewusst und Bestimmt / Assertive and Aware

PART 1 - The art of saying NO Freitag, 16:00 h (english)
PART 2 - The grace of saying YES Samstag, 13:00 h (english)

How many times have we said yes but wanted to say no?
How many times have we said no but wanted to say yes?
We said it in many different styles, both verbally and non-verbally, either using clichés and axioms to pad out what we are saying rather than get to the point, or over-apologizing, over-explaining and over-justifying or just feeling completely tongue-tied and throat-choked.
Maybe we didn´t want to hurt someone and ended up doing things we didn´t want to do or encouraging someone to pursue us when we had no interest in him/her. Maybe we didn´t feel confident enough to speak up about our wants and needs or were afraid of being rejected or looking foolish. In any of these and other similar situations we were probably left with ruminating thoughts and feelings of frustration, regret, anger, resentment and guilt because we were not able to express ourselves accurately and assertively. Our own limiting believes, the tyranny of the should and should not and the constraints of social etiquette all lead us to fall into these self-sabotaging patterns.

"Assertive and Aware" is a refreshing opportunity to subvert these patterns, while practicing authentic communication and taking responsibility for our own feelings. This is a practical workshop that focus on communication, both verbal and non-verbal, as the key to assertiveness in the context of relationships, intimacy and sexuality. It provides creative and effective exercises and techniques to:
- Identify and question our limiting beliefs, blockages and fears with awareness
- unpack anger and guilt luggages and use that energy to supercharge our self-esteem, self-confidence and bravery
- break out of the compassion trap and counter manipulation
- practice boundaries setting, say no/yes and draw the line with confidence
- engage in a constructive confrontation and in a mutual compromise
- have a love affair with yourself :)