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24. / 25. / 26. Juli 2009 in Berlin


Massage Lounge

Aniko Uberhardt (Budapest)

is one of the most renowned Healers in Hungary. She has been working as a movement and massage therapist for 9 years. She is a certfied Kinesiologist and studied MA-URI massage and bodywork in the MA-URI Institute in Hungary as well as in Danmark with Hemi and Katja Fox. She is also familiar with Reflexology, Yumeiho massage, Thai massage, Swedish massage and Astrology. She created her own massage method called INKA massage which she is teaching in Hungary for the last 3 years.


individual sessions on request:

The word MA-URI is a Polynesian word that could be translated as „the descendants of the white light, descendants of limitations”.

The massage technique itself is rooted in Polynesia and the movements involved in it are centred on Hawaiian dances and expending and retreating movements, whereby the sweeping movements of the lower arms, the body and soul get cleansed of used energies.

Every MA-URI massage is a transcendence ritual or an initiation, with the person receiving the massage travelling between different worlds, healing themselves, while the massage therapist is no more than a navigator during this journey through the sometimes stormy, at other times quiet waters of the human psyche. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual inhibitions all dissolve in the course of the journey and we return to our social environment feeling free and rejuvenated, ready to walk the road ahead of us, daring to live our dreams. Recommended for treatment of physical muscle and joint pains, as well as psychic and mental problems.

It is an oily massage; a towel on the intimate body parts covers the client.

More: www.maurimassage.eu